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Videoconference: Design Research Strategy & Strategic Design Research

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Research as a Vehicle for Organizational Transformation with Natalie Hanson

She joins Lou to share her own story and the story of the conference, offering a sneak peek into what we’ll cover — and what the conference might look like five years in the future. 

The Humanity of Technology: Furthering the Greater Good with Jamika Burge

Though trained as a computer scientist, Jamika Burge admits she does not have the heart of a programmer; rather, she’s interested in surfacing and connecting with the humanity of the technology we create.

The Advancing Research Conference will take place virtually

The main conference is being converted to a virtual conference (and will continue to take place as planned on March 30-31).

Redefining actionable insights with Brianna Sylver

Brianna Sylver, founder of Sylver Consulting and speaker at the upcoming Advancing Research conference (March 30-April 1, NYC), joins Lou to break down the importance of insight. At its core, insight is about shifts in perspective and can come from anywhere—user research, market research, psychology, mining big data; according to Brianna, it doesn’t really matter.

Silos, Chauvinism, and Insight: A discussion with Christian Madsbjerg

In this episode of Rosenfeld Review, Christian and Lou discuss the differences between social sciences research and data science, and the challenges that arise when organizations try to align them. Christian and Lou also touch on academic chauvinism, the shortcomings of anthropology (despite how much Christian appreciates the subject), and the importance of looking at “people as people.”

Videoconference: “Power of Insights: Why sharing is better than silos with Uber’s Insights Platform”

Uber is powered by insights. Chances are good that your company is, too. We’ve all had firsthand experiences of an inconvenient truth: insights are only as good as our ability to make use of them, and centralizing insights in a tool is only one piece of the puzzle. In this session we’ll not only share how we created our insights database, Kaleidoscope, but also what we’ve learned about changing behavior through partnerships and processes at an organizational level.

Videoconference recording: “Paying Better Attention to the Problem” with Indi Young

We can’t go on solving things based on our own thin understanding of how others perceive the problem. We can’t go on assuming everyone is in the same mood and context. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Indeed, we have done a lot of accidental harm in the world with the assumption that the tools we design are “neutral.” We need to get better at paying attention. We need to slow down and gather a richer, more nutritious understanding of the people we are trying to support. And we need to point a beam of light into possible future outcomes.

Videoconference: “Bringing together market and user research” with Jemma Ahmed, October 17 11am ET

A recording of this videoconference (and recordings of previous calls) are available for free to all Advancing Research Community members. Join

Videoconference recording available–”HITS, Microsoft’s internal human insight system: From research library to living body of knowledge” with Matt Duignan

In this session we’ll discuss HITS, the human insight library Microsoft uses internally to achieve research goals , and the culture we’ve been working to develop around its use.

Videoconference recording available: Opportunistic Research with Gregg Bernstein, July 11 at 11am ET

In this talk, Gregg Bernstein, senior director of user research at Vox Media (Vox, The Verge, Eater, and more), shares how to find the information that leads to more informed decisions, how to build data-sharing relationships, and how to put it all together in service of your organization. 

Recording, decks, and more resources now available: Organizing Design Research Using COM-B with Amy Bucher, June 13 11am ET

Decks, recording, and worksheet from our community call with Amy Bucher now available – join our community for access.